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The Biggest Property Management Secrets You Need to Know

The Biggest Property Management Secrets You Need to Know

Then here are the biggest secrets in the business, but they are the most obvious: 

Get a professional clean! Do not do it yourself, you will miss minute details and it will make a difference.

Get the carpet professionally cleaned and pet treated if there are any pet odors. Do not do this yourself, you may not catch odors that a professional will and a prospective renter will run from!

Have a full maintenance check of all plumbing and electrical. Nothing is worse than moving into a new place and there's a leak or light bulbs that are burnt out or sockets that do not work. It is all about the convenience and how your rental is ready to be moved into!

Remove all personal items. No one can envision your property as their home when your belongings are left behind. They have their own and it will take longer to rent, which costs you more revenue. This goes for staged pictures as well. Selling and Renting seems like similar marketing, but it is not.

Make sure on move in day, your new resident feels welcomed! Nothing says welcome home like a move-in gift and a note. Something simple shows gratitude and thoughtfulness that will engage your residents from the start.