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Oxnard Owners

On April 13th, 2022, the City of Oxnard passed rent control at 4% that covers most duplexes through multi-family units. There are exemptions that follow the Costa-Hawkins Act. However, ALL rental units will need to be registered with the city starting May 13-June 13, to avoid fines. Also, a tenant protection act was passed that applies to all rental units including Single family units and new builds! This measure allows for a non-just cause eviction of a tenant to receive $5,000 or two months of rent (whichever is higher) to the resident with notice to validate.

There is a lot of information that owners will need to know to make sure they are following the ordinances, sending out notices in the correct language and staying away from fines!

Rent 805 is here to help! Starting on April 28th, we are offering zoom webinars on Thursday nights at 6pm PST and Saturday afternoons at 1:00 pm PST to fill you in on all the details. Fill out the form below to get your event seating, make sure to pick a date as zoom seating is limited!